I am a geek girl

I am one of those people born with wavy tresses. Admittedly, I’ve tried to straighten them all my life because straight, commercial hair looks so sleek, manageable and beautiful as compared to looking like you’ve stuck your finger in an electric socket all the time. But you don’t have to look like the bride of Frankenstein at all with your lovely hair, here are simple tips I’ve tried on caring for wavy hair.Find a salon that knows or are experts at cutting wavy hair.

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Our pets

Posted on: May 12, 2010

A tabular representation of our pets at home

Oh our lovely pets.


So this is what freelancing feels like. I jumped out of my comfort zone and decided to take the plunge: Study and Freelance (with maybe a little mentoring on the side).

Truth be told, I haven’t been so relaxed since… well, since I passed my thesis with flying colors and waited for graduation. However, the looming uncertainty of my future still bothers me. I took my Master’s entrance test (essay, mind you) yesterday and I’m quite comfortable with my answers. A few kind souls have offered freelance jobs which may or may not push through. The uncertainty certainly kills sometimes but I’m not regretting the decision.

I wish it paid more though.

That’s it. I’m just chillin’ and going with the flow. Keeping the doors open; windows included.


Posted on: May 1, 2010

Alam nyo ba ang salitang “Kebs”?

Ito ay salitang kabaklaan raw na ibig sabihin sa ingles ay, having no care of the matter.

Kung sinabi mong, ‘kebs’ ka lang sa politika ay wala kang pakialam sa politika. Kung kebs ka lang sa pre-marital sex, wala kang pakialam kung gawin nila ito. Kung pinahiram mo ang iyong Lancer EX sa kapatid mong adik at ‘kebs’ ka lang, ikaw ay marahil mayaman na mayaman o di kaya ay sadyang mabuting kapatid.

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