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Intrinsic evil and artistic freedom

Posted on: August 5, 2011

I wasn’t supposed to have an opinion on the Mideo issue but since I went to the forum a while ago, I think I do have something to say.

  1. I have no tolerance for people who use ‘gay’ or ‘bakla‘ deprecatingly. If you are attacking someone, you do not call them gay.
  2. The artwork was exhibited in Ateneo and the priests did not censor the artwork.
    Jesuits > Dominican priests
  3. The CCP is a vessel of self-expression and not a religious institution. What Celdran did in the San Agustin church is sacrilegious because he was in the context of the church and he interrupted a religious service. The exhibit was in the context of being in the art world. You cannot deprive someone of freedom of expression especially if he is rightfully located in an artistic institution.
  4. Doing something controversial has tantamount repercussions, hurtful or otherwise. Own up to your stand. You cannot ever please everybody so you either man up or just shut up.
  5. UST has a reputation of censoring and suppressing the rights of self-expression of students since time immemorial. I’d like to think Mideo and the other artists are resisting the institution that represses them with archaic beliefs and religion. UP, on the other hand, is desensitised with such images (maybe that’s why most of my classmates and some friends weren’t particularly affected by it?)
  6. I wasn’t offended by the artwork itself per se, nor was I particularly impressed by it. Though I’d like to think there’s something positive in this entire event. For once, a gallery was jam-packed with people and healthy expression of opinion was shared and welcomed by the CCP. Also admittedly, the furor attracted more exhibit visitors than usual.
  7. We seriously have to move on from the old school notion of “art” as being naturalistic and gives us nice happy feelings.
  8.  All of us have one way or another, committed sins against the church in our daily lives. As the Moslem guy said, gay marriages are now rampant everywhere. That’s sacrilegious enough to warrant their ire already. Why focus on an artwork that does not even aim to attack the religion itself but the institution that mistreats and abuses their power struggle?
  9. My friend Ryne’s right. There are better things for the CBCP to do. Don’t use this exhibit to veer away people’s attention from your wrong-doings.
  10. I still am not impressed with conceptual art in the Philippines as a whole. I feel we need to do something more. I can’t even make a concrete opinion on conceptual art as a lot of supposed “conceptual” artworks feel very contrived. Then again, that’s just my opinion.
  11. Mideo was certainly not  the first to challenge the dominant religious ideology. Rizal, Del Pilar, known writers and great Filipino men have used religious iconology to attack the catholic church’s subversion of the people. A lady in the forum said that we are realizing Rizal’s books in the flesh.
  12. Word(s) of the day: Intrinsically evil. We all are. Sometimes we need to be “shocked” out of our senses and indifference to see tangible changes. I’m hoping we get to see some of them after all this.


On another note, I am no longer rabid. I can bite people safely now.


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